Airborne Ultrasonic Flaw Detector

Curlin-air is a new and radically different type of portable ultrasonic flaw detector.  It features a unique (and much needed) combination of performance and capabilities. 

Its remarkable penetrating power provides the opportunity to readily inspect an increasing variety of extremely attenuative materials that are generally considered "un-inspectable" with conventional ultrasonic flaw detectors.

Curlin-Air performs inspection with an airborne ultrasonic beam - which eliminates the need for material contact or liquid couplants.  This outstanding capability greatly facilities material scanning and overall practicality.  It also makes Curlin-Air an alternative choice for certain applications where conventional flaw detectors are used.  It also extends the applicability of Curlin-Air to various liquid-intolerant and contact intolerant materials.

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Curlin-Air Technical Reports

AN-1  -  Urethane Foams AN-2  -  Fiberglass
AN-3  -  Construction and Building Material AN-4  - Tires
AN-5  -  Honeycomb Structures AN-6  -  Graphite Composites


Novascope 4500

Precision Ultrasonic Thickness Gage

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The Novascope 4500's specially designed pulser-receiver section covers applications ranging from those requiring delicate high resolution to those demanding hefty penetrating power and high sensitivity.  The broadband dual-trace scope displays the ultrasonic A-trace and the various selectable gates needed to optimize the setup and assure the digital thickness response for a given application.

In addition to it's adjustable noise blocking IP and IF, a TAC-Gate (Thickness Amplitude Compensation) allows increase in signal-to-noise ratios for ultrasonic "difficult" materials.

A host of other controls round out the features and versatility.  To extend its standard digital output interfacing ability, there's even a microprocessor based high speed binary (rep rate) and RS-232 output.


Quantum TE

Portable Ultrasonic Flaw Detector

The Quantum series was the first ultrasonic instrument to use the LCD (liquid crystal display) for easier viewing in bright sunlight or dark areas.  The Quantum TE flaw detector provides all the standard ultrasonic features, and then some, in a 6.2 pound package (including batteries).  Color coded direct access keypad, single key functions for range, gain, delay, velocity and zero, 30+ hours operation on 5 standard 'D' cell batteries, built in help menus, DAC, DAG, Weld Curve and Thickness Gage features.

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PortaScan 007

Portable Ultrasonic Inspection System

The PortaScan 007 is the affordable solution for ultrasonic detection and monitoring of corrosion in pressure vessels, pipelines, cranes, bridges, storage tanks, railroad tank cars, ship hulls/decking, tube trailers, aging aircraft, composites, rocket motor cases, torpedo housing, rolls, plates, billets, bars and much more.

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The PortaScan 007 is a truly portable ultrasonic color imaging system.  Consisting of a powerful Quantum ultrasonic flaw detector/thickness gage, state-of-the-art computer with active matrix color display and two axis motion control electronics, the PortaScan 007 is built into a ruggedized suitcase that fits thru the smallest of man-ways.  In fact, it's so small, most airlines treat it as carry-on luggage.  Yet PortaScan 007 offers features and performance of systems at twice the weight and volume at twice (or more) the price.

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